Saturday, January 16, 2010

Why I've started blogging, and why it took so long.

I've spent the last 3 months pondering whether the whole blogging thing was for me/us. The attraction is of course the narcissistic joy I get in having a forum to talk about whatever I want anytime I want, as well as the ability to share cute stories about James with friends and family we don't see nearly enough, intermingled with reaching out to my very smart friends when I'm processing something in the academic/professional sphere.
So what took me so long to finally do it? Well, for one, there is the immense pressure to pick a name. I don't mind my blog title a bit, I think it quite fitting actually, but the url I ended up with is a little ... meh. Oh well. Second, is my laziness. I have been trying to decide if there is room in my life for blogging. I've been watching a couple of blogs over these last few months though, and the way I see it, when I don't have time, I just won't blog. Simple as that. With all James's upcoming shenanigans, I think I'll have too much material NOT to post with some frequency.

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