Monday, September 27, 2010

Gallery of Art

The last few weeks have been crazy busy. PreacherDad and I are actually pretty proud of ourselves that we've not yet actually forgotten J at daycare or left him in a car or something, because the back and forth of our work schedules is insanity.
Needless to say, there've been no lazy saturday afternoons for great adventures and picture taking, so J's fans will have to settle for a taste of his daycare artwork.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

B is for Bird....

James loves birds! He used to sit at the window in Plainfield for long times just watching the robins play in our yard. Last May, we took him to Lincoln Park Zoo and while everyone else was watching the Gorillas, he was pointing and squealing about the sparrows that hang out in the Gorilla habitat. He just loves them.

The other day Ross and I went with him to the zoo for a couple of ours, and since it was just us, we wentthrough the australiahabitat that is mostly birds. He had a blast listening to all the birds' evening calls and looking for them. I took a bunch of pictures while we were there, and am thinking of making him his very own book of birds.

But there were also some other cool things, like the wombats who run loose inside the Australia exhibit....

And it was pretty warm out, so we finished the evening with a popsicle, which is always a hit! I also had to get a picture of his unique sense of style. He's been picking out his own shoes lately, and decided that what this outfit needed were some red sneakers. Rock that individuality kiddo...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just a little late summer Zen

We had a nice warm night, so we took J over to a local park with a great fountain, but the water was a bit cold. He had a blast anyway. Enjoy this video of J.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


There've been no real pictures on my recent posts because I was without my own computer for a little over a month after our house was broken into in August.

Since Preacher Dad started his chaplain residency in late August, that's also when J started daycare. It was a surreal thing to take a school supply list to the store and buy him crayons and scissors and watercolors already. I was veryanxious about how he would do the first day. I knew that even if he cried it wouldn't last long, but you just hate to leave them wailing.
He was so excited to go, but then when he realized I wasn't staying he got pretty upset. I had to leave him sobbing and reaching past the teacher for me. I smiled, told him a confident, "Goodbye, I'll see you at lunch" and then I went to my car and cried before I drove to work.
The next day he was just a little whiny when I was leaving, and by the third day, he ran off to play, only quickly running back to give me a kiss. Now he's eager to go and hardly waits for me to sign him in before running off to play. I love that he loves it so much, and we are both happy andfulfilled, and that's worth every penny.

Ready to go to his first day at daycare!
Isn't his Elmo Backpack cool? Cuddle bear goes with him to daycare, but stays in his cubby except naptime or if he gets hurt.
This last picture is of him heading home from his first day. he is such a big boy!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Little Victories

Today I'm just feeling ridiculously grateful for some things that may seem really strange to you. I have this outfit, a pair of brown herringbone trousers and a pink button up top that I bought about 3 years ago. It was a favorite outfit, the kind that made me feel stylish, professional, feminine and powerful.
Then I got pregnant... then I had an ileostomy bag...then I was underweight and it hung on me like a big ugly bag.
Today I wore that outfit to work, and it fit, and I looked in the mirror and recognized that same stylish professional feeling.

To top it all off, I got the results of my bloodwork back and my hemoglobin levels have returned to a good healthy level.
They are little victories, but for me they represent an immense sense of relief, wonder, and gratitude.