Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wednesday was a big day for PreacherDad and I. We were interviewed by "the powers that be" in order to move along in our process towards ordination. (It went well, by the way.) During my interview, I was asked whether my ministry or my family was my highest priority. I don't know what they wanted me to say, and I don't think I could've actually answered the question and been happy with my answer.
I eventually said something along the lines of "Gee, I really hate to choose they are both so important, but I guess I have to say family, because Baby J only gets one set of parents and he didn't ask for them to be in ministry." But it was a lame answer, and I keep wondering, should I have to choose?
I don't really think of my ministry and my family as separate lives I'll eventually have to choose between. I am PreacherMama... it's one word. The two are inseparable. Motherhood has forever changed my outlook on the world and my vision of God and my approach to ministry. Likewise, being pastors affects everything about the way PreacherDad and I raise our child. He will grow up influenced by our theological preferences, meal-planning revolves around committee meeting schedules, and we had to be intentional to choose a discipline philosophy that would allow us to be consistent whether we are at home or in the midst of a crowded room of parishioners.
So, if you come here for just the cute mommy blog posts, or solely to read about what's happening in my ministry, I fear you will meet with some level of frustration. For now, I've decided that I will neither change nor apologize for the fact that this blog is both/and. It is both a ministry blog and a place to brag about the fact that I'm raising the cutest, most enjoyable child I have ever met.