Wednesday, July 7, 2010


George Carlin has a hilariously funny bit on "stuff" that always makes me laugh. (just be careful, there is some adult language in it)

It has replayed in my mind about a million times as I've been dealing with getting all my stuff from IL to KS. We got rid of some stuff, but then, we inherited new stuff when we got here. It took hours for movers to load up all our stuff, another day to unload it all, and we are going on a week of trying to figure out where to put all of it in this big beautiful house. I am convinced that earlier generations must have had a lot less stuff, because they didn't build houses with room to adequately store an abundance of stuff. So now I find myself buying stuff to organize, hide, display and store the stuff we already had. And then, as I'm doing all that, I am just thinking about the Christian call to simplicity- "If you have two coats" and all that. So, I'm working on a personal goal to pass on more than I acquire in the coming year. I have a feeling my attempts will be very revealing about the relationship I have to my own stuff. I'll share my break-throughs and set-backs as they come. If you've successfully simplified, what was your first step?