Wednesday, January 27, 2010

random recipe to share

We had this for dinner last night with some fabulous friends who were kind enough to drive out into the suburbs to hang out. I didn't think to take a picture, but it is a great recipe because it is relatively healthy, cheap, and easy. Win, win and win!
You will need
1 pork loin or pork roast (I bought one for about $6)
A can of pineapple. I use the crushed so that it "coats" the roast.
Mrs. Dash Caribbean Citrus seasoning. (someday I will figure out a way to make this myself, but for now, this is easier)

To make a "sauce" to serve with it, you will also want to have corn starch on hand, and perhaps sweet chili sauce (optional)

Here's what you do. Rub the pork roast with the Mrs. Dash seasoning. Put it in a slow cooker on low for 6-8 hours or on high for 4-5 hours. Pour the pineapple, juice and all, over the top of the roast. Put the lid on the slow cooker and leave it alone for the rest of the day. If you don't have a slow cooker, you can roast this in the oven on a low heat, say, 250 degrees, for a few hours, but I don't know how long it might take. you would want to use a meat thermometer to check doneness starting after the first 2 hours and testing hourly.

I suggest setting the roast out on a serving platter for 10-15 minutes to rest before cutting into it. This will also give you time to make the sauce if you want to. Reserve 1 cup of the juices from the slow cooker, pouring the rest into a pan (its fine if the pineapple chunks are in it too) mix the reserved juice with about a Tbs of corn starch, and then pour into the pan. Add 1-2 Tbs of sweet chili sauce to taste, and bring to a boil. Simmer just to thicken.

I love to serve this with rice or roasted potatoes, and a simple steamed veggie.

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