Monday, December 27, 2010

Sorry Folks.

Sorry everyone. Our fall has been insane. In addition to working out life with 2 full time working parents, we had to move just before Thanksgiving because signing a lease without carefully checking out the house first was a very bad idea. We did have some fun holiday time with J, checking out Illuminations at Botanica, driving through Christmas light displays, and jamming to great music at Preachermama's church, but at present I don't have any pics to upload. Christmas week was a pretty big bust at our house. J got a stomach virus on the 19th, and at some point in the week developed a bladder infection as well, which came to a head on Christmas day. We've made 2 trips to the ER this week and we're just exhausted. We're now going to have to schedule some tests to see if the infection is an indicator that there are more urological abnormalities than we knew. I'm hopeful that there will be a time coming soon when I'll have some fun posts to share.

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