Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day

Before J was born, back when he was just "Stinker," I bought PreacherDad the book "I Love My Daddy" by Sebastien Braun. It was his first Christmas present from "Stinker." I came across that book a few days ago as I was packing, and couldn't resist re-reading it. It's illustrations, by the way, are simply beautiful. Each page features the many things that Baby Bear's Daddy does with/for him. "My Daddy wakes me." "My Daddy feeds me." My Daddy plays with me." "My Daddy yawns with me." and so on... I smiled as I read, because PreacherDad does all those things and so many more.
He is known for getting up when J wakes up early and getting him breakfast. They watch PBS together, and PreacherDad knows -and sings, all the theme songs.
This year he has juggled his office hours around my class schedule so that J only spent one day a week in daycare, and the variety of toys in his office is evidence that sometimes he had to multi-task like a pro.
They're thick as thieves, those two... especially when they are doing something ornery like conspiring to tickle my feet. Nothing brings me more joy than to eavesdrop on bath-time on the baby monitor, as they splash play games, and laugh.
So on Father's day I am grateful for the memory of my grandfathers, for the continuing relationship with my own loving father, and for the joy of watching the love of my life turn into the best father I have ever met.
Even as I lift up my prayers of gratitude for these men, I also pray for so many children who do not have the love of a caring Dad in their lives. I pray that they will find caring, supportive, mentoring men in other roles in their lives. I lift up men who feel they have failed their own children, that they may find the forgiveness they seek and the transformation they desire. I also pray for those men who, with or without children of their own, have found ways to be fatherly to children who need them.
May God bless each of you this day.

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  1. Oh dear! I'm tearing up! James has some wonderful parents.