Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Having just graduated seminary, I'm receiving a lot of congratulations right now. I always accept those congratulatory remarks, and I do acknowledge the hard work I put into my degree. At the same time, I am deeply aware of how many other people were in large or small ways, vital to getting me here, so I am using the absolute license of being a blogger to offer up my sincerest gratitude.
To my parents, who raised me to think critically, and never "dumbed down" dinner conversations. Our dining room table was my first university. I love you both dearly.
To my sisters, you have been my source of laughter when life just wasn't that funny, and I look up to all of you.
PreacherDad.... this blog is about to get very long. Thank you for the extra year up north to do this right. Thank you for being the kind of Dad who doesn't babysit, but raises his child. Thank you for late night coffee, and for the countless dishes and laundry loads you did to keep our house running. Thank you for being my favorite colleague and my best friend. I love you!!!!

And then there are so many others.
Dr. Sanchez, for identifying my illness and sparing me the unnecessary agony of chemo.
Dr. Tracy Frederick, for putting me through the paces in college, so master's level work wasn't a total shock.
The Boucher family, for loving me like one of their own.
Plainfield UMC for creating an internship for me to spare me an extra commute
Beth and Jon Wilterdink- I would be embarrassed to list here the number of things I have asked of you, and I'm humbled by how willing you have been to help whenever you can.

And to the faculty & staff at G-ETS
The prayers you have lifted up for me have been deeply felt.
There are a few faculty who signaled to me at graduation last year, and mouthed the words "Next year that's you!" I simply cannot count the number of times that has carried me through a long night or a rough commute.
Others of you have kept your doors open, willingly answered anxious e-mails, and surprised me with your unwavering faith in me. I fear you will never understand how deeply it has impacted me.

Fellow students,
Oh my friends! Your cups of coffee, hugs, tears shed together, class notes shared and baby wrangling was indispensable to me.

When it is printed, the degree will have my name on it, but it is truly an accomplishment of many.

As the academic year draws to a close, to whom do you owe a debt of gratitude?


  1. You just made me cry. I'm so very proud of you.

  2. You are just beautiful, do you know that?